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Special Diets Coaching Services

8 Week Live Coaching Webinar Series – Successfully Transition Your Child to a Gluten Free & Casein Free Diet

Start Date: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time: 10am PST

Are you wanting to experience the positive results thousands of other parents have had with the Gluten Free & Casein Free diet for your child with autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder or other related disorder?

You’ve probably heard success stories from other parents and the improvements they’ve seen with their child. But does the idea of getting started just seems overwhelming?!!

Well that’s where I come in!

Start your new year knowing you’re on your way to amazing, positive changes for your child and your family.

Join me for this 8 Week Live Coaching Webinar Series

Successfully Transition Your Child to a Gluten Free & Casein Free Diet

Here’s how it works:

Each week we will meet online and I will walk you through the transition in a step by step program.  You’ll also get to chat with me live and ask any questions you have!

The online webinar series will include everything you need to successfully transition including:

    • personalized coaching with accountability and feedback
    • meal plans
    • recipes
    • progress charts
    • grocery lists
    • how to make substitutions
    • time saving tips
    • healthy lifestyle tips
    • weekly action steps
    • exclusive access to my personal vault of charts, recipes, meal plans, budgeting tips, time saving tips
    • and much more

    I take out as much legwork for you as I possibly can.

    After each weekly webinar you’ll receive a recording of the webinar so you can go back and review what we covered.

    Or, if you missed the online webinar that week you can still watch it when you have time!

    And if you miss the live online chat you can email me your questions and I will email answers back to you.

    Before each online session you will receive an access code to login online to the live webinar. You can choose to login to either the morning or the afternoon session as it runs twice on the same day each week to help allow for participants’ schedules.

    Your Investment

    Now, I know you could go and spend countless hours (as I did when I started this diet with my child) finding this information yourself.

    Or, you could try to find a private practice dietician who knows about special diets to help you but that would be a cost of approximately $1500 for a dietician to take you through a similar program.

    Apples to Oranges 8 Week Live Dietary Coaching Webinar program is priced at $200.

    In a survey conducted by The Autism Research Institute, thousands of parents rated dietary changes as the most effective intervention they had tried with their child.

    Here’s what Cheryl R. had to say when I helped her get going on the GFCF diet with her child with autism.

    “The first 3 weeks were the hardest. But one night my son asked me to remind him why he wasn’t able to eat certain foods anymore. I told him it’s because his body doesn’t process certain foods properly. He said to me, “I’m so glad, because my head feels so much better now.” I cried because I knew that I had done the best thing for my son.”

    I want you to have the same experience with your child that Cheryl had with her son.
    And so, for a limited time, I am offering the 8 week program at a cost of only $97.

    Use the discount code GFCF to receive your special pricing when you register!

    I guarantee you will feel empowered by taking control of your child’s health and well-being.

    Space is Limited! Register Now!

    Please feel free to email me if you have any questions: applestoorangesconsulting@gmail.com

3 Responses

  1. This sounds wonderful ! We have just been discussing these issues on our page. I will gladly share with my group🙂

  2. This is great! I’m hoping to join your webinar series in September Lori – I’ve also posted it on my site to let others know!

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